Blogger Spotlight with… Squibb Vicious!

Recently Jessica from the Cha Cha Moon team sat down with blogger Squibb Vicious for a chat (and of course some delicious food). Here’s what Jessica had to say:

The wonderful Haydn Squibb (the lady with the best name in the world) has been blogging ever since she began her degree in journalism only a few short years ago.  With a passion for music (hence the name Squibb Vicious based on the legendary Sid Vicious), she based her blog around promoting talent for unsigned bands who she felt were not getting the credit they deserved in today’s ‘Simon Cowell lead/let’s be famous for five minutes singing a cover of a song that was never any good in the first place music industry’ (my words not hers!).

Squibb Vicious

Soon however, Miss Squibb began to fall further into the gloriously tantalising world of food and drink. Whilst working at Quintissentially Magazine, Haydn felt she needed an escape from the world of lux and wanted to write a blog about “a normal girl doing extraordinary things” and this has led her to the blog she writes today.

Haydn and I met at where else but Cha Cha Moon where I successfully lured her into the delights of fusion cuisine.

So tell me Haydn, what do you like to blog about most?

I really love to write about food and drink. I go out a lot, I spend most of my money on eating out because it’s what I love best! Tom (Haydn’s boyfriend who she often refers to as ‘my partner in crime’ on her own blog) and I really like to try new things.  If there’s something on a menu I’ve never had before that’s usually what I’ll order! I dabble in beauty and fashion every so often but it’s such a judgmental industry I tend to steer away from it.

What is your favourite thing to eat?

I’m all about the hamburgers! Hamburgers are definitely my thing.  But I’m eating a lot of Thai and Japanese food at the moment.  We actually ordered noodles from here the other day for my office around the corner. We scoffed it up!

Soon our cocktails arrived!

Haydn went for the Wen Wen cocktail. Sweet peach and tangy raspberry with a splash of vodka. Fruity and refreshing, this cocktail makes the perfect drink for a warm evening.

Tom opted for the Hidden Dragon made with Lemongrass, lime, mint, sugar, apple juice and white rum. A true taste of South East Asia!


I went for my personal favourite, the Shabuya Casual. Sweet yet gloriously refreshing, the Shibuya Casual blends martini bianco, sake and gorgeously fragrant lychee served with a fresh raspberry on top.

Cocktail2 Happy Faces!


There’s little else I love to do than sit in the sunshine with a cocktail in Kingly Court. What’s your favourite thing about Central London?

I just love the atmosphere of Central London. Spots like Kingly Court are a great place to people watch.  You get all kinds around here! But the nightlife is brilliant. You’re never far from something great whether it is a bar you’ve never been to or even spotted, a new restaurant or club. You’ve got Soho, Chinatown, Covent Garden all within walking distance.  I just love it!

As we nattered away our main courses arrived and we all dived in!

dived in food

We ordered the seafood platter as Haydn is a big fish fan. Juicy king prawns in a sweet chilli sauce, whole soft shell crab which was both crunchy and meaty, a slightly more than bite size prawn guotie (I can eat a thousand of these), coated calamari (this was Tom’s favourite), two little parcels of prawn wonton, and for our greens, a seaweed salad!

seaweed salad

Our seafood platter was soon joined by Cha Cha Moon’s signature Tasting Platter.


Served up was a basket of steamed Yum Buns and we all tucked in! We began piling up our cloudy buns of sweet deliciousness with crispy and tender duck, moist brisket of beef and perfectly prepared lamb, all served with their own special sauce and a selection of pickled vegetables for that added crunch! I think I heard Haydn swoon!

haydn swoon


Have you ever been recognised?

Oddly enough I was once! I was doing some of the photography at Essex Fashion Week and I was recognised there by one of the journalists.  It was quite exciting really!

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

I get to do some really fantastic things.  I’m always getting invited to launches or being asked to review restaurant and bars etc. I’m just a normal Essex girl but blogging has given me the opportunity to do some extraordinary things.

I strongly encourage everyone to start blogging. I am very involved with a group of Essex bloggers.  We all meet up and get to do some great things as a group which we all use for our blogs. We help each other out and introduce each other to new things all the time.

Desserts are here!


Haydn chose the baked banana which is served with a warm chilli chocolate sauce and dulche de leche ice cream! “If there is banana in it, I order it” she told me.  I was getting some serious food envy until my dessert arrived moments later.


I was craving the Dadar Gulang, a vibrantly colourful Indonesian dessert.  Toasted coconut is wrapped in a sweet pancake and drizzled with a luxurious coconut sauce, finished off with a delicate edible flower to make you feel like you are about to step out into the Indonesian sun!

As our lovely evening was wrapping up (once we all finally stopped yapping away!) we said our goodbyes feeling wonderfully satisfied!

If you’d like to check out Haydn’s fabulous blog, you can find her at or follow her on Twitter at @SquibbVicious or Instagram at squibbvicious.

Happy eating everybody!


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